Does Your School Nurse Have Up-to-Date Epilepsy Information?

Today our Program Director, James, is at the 24th Annual Kansas School Nurse Conference in Wichita, KS. We are providing educational material and spreading the word about our great programming for school nurses. If your school district is interested in having an educational presentation, please contact our our Kansas City office at 816-444-2800 or our St. Louis office at 314-781-4949. … [Read more...]

2013 Seize the Day Run/Walk in St. Louis Was an Incredible Success, Thanks to You!

The goal was aggressive: $100,000 -  67% higher than what we grossed last year. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated committee members, team leaders, volunteers, participants and staff, we raised over $125,000. 1400 participants and almost 70 teams came to Kirkwood Park to enjoy the weather, princesses, face painting, food and one another. A Cure for Carson and Ava team was the largest and Loving Our June Bug raised the most money. … [Read more...]

Kids Speak Up 2013 by Emily and Susan Ramza

I was fortunate to attend Kids Speak Up, the Epilepsy Foundation Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC April 21-23. My mother joined me and I was one of 47 teens from around the country who came together to discuss ways to work to help improve the lives of the 2.2 million people with epilepsy in the United States. Emily Ramza, James Townsend and Susan Ramza at the Capitol. … [Read more...]

Children with Epilepsy and Comorbid Conditions by Liu Lin Thio, MD, PhD

Introduction All parents want their children to have the highest quality of life possible. The same is true of parents who have a child living with a chronic condition such as epilepsy. Obviously, these children will attain this goal only if the symptoms of their condition are eliminated or at least minimized. However, the symptoms of comorbid conditions can have an equal or even greater impact on their quality of life. Comorbid conditions refer to conditions that co-occur more frequently … [Read more...]

Executive Review by Darla Templeton

Many of you have called the office and talked with Kathleen. Many of you have attended an epilepsy program where Kathleen presented. Many of you have received packets of information from Kathleen. Many of you have gathered at the office and discussed your child’s challenges and Kathleen was there for support. Many of you have read the newsletter that Kathleen edits. Many of you have attended a seminar that Kathleen has organized. Many of you have attended a professional advisory board meeting … [Read more...]

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