Medical Marijuana Scores Small Victory in Congress

Congress approved an amendment last week barring the DOJ from using federal funds to interfere with medical marijuana laws in several states, including Missouri. Several congressmen from the Missouri region backed the measure, which is significant considering the Missouri legislature recently passed a bill allowing the use of hemp extract for children with intractable epilepsy. Click the links below to read more. Click here Click here     … [Read more...]

Executive Review by Darla Templeton

Many of you have called the office and talked with Kathleen. Many of you have attended an epilepsy program where Kathleen presented. Many of you have received packets of information from Kathleen. Many of you have gathered at the office and discussed your child’s challenges and Kathleen was there for support. Many of you have read the newsletter that Kathleen edits. Many of you have attended a seminar that Kathleen has organized. Many of you have attended a professional advisory board meeting … [Read more...]

Epilepsy Symposium

EFMK is proud to host an educational symposium targeted to physicians, nurses and community health advocates. Top medical and public health professionals will present on epilepsy diagnosis, treatment, psychosocial issues, co-occurring conditions, women’s issues, SUDEP and status epilepticus. … [Read more...]

Advances in Medication Therapies for Epilepsy by Ronald Fields, MD

For patients with intractable epilepsy, there continues to be hope for improvement as treatment options continue to expand.  Over the last four years, several new anti-seizure medications have become available in the U.S. and scientific studies continue to investigate novel treatment options for epilepsy. … [Read more...]

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